Wolfy | The Swiss Banker | Resin Art Toy

59 CHF

Wolfy | Resin Figurine | Classic Collection

Wolfy grew up and spent his entire youth with Lily in the Swiss Alps. During his first trip out of the mountains, he discovers the banking world. Amazed, he decides to go and conquer it.

A few years later, the young Wolfy has become a pure symbol of capitalism. He is the mascot of the Swiss bankers. A proven business-wolf, Wolfy has a devouring passion for gold bars. His empire is priceless. No chance of finding him on the World Wealthiest Wolf List: he is far too wealthy to deign to appear there!

Despite his overwhelming success, he has not forgotten where he came from. His youth with Lily in the mountains is still very dear to his heart.


Created and designed in Genève

Size: 14cm
Circle pad: 7.5cm 

• Hand-painted resin figurine
• Comes in a gift box
• Protected with foam

[Please note that our 3D render resin figurine pictures may differ slightly from your actual product.]

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