Al Wolfino | Scarface homage | Resin Art Toy | Limited Edition

260 CHF




The newest in line for our FINE ART collection: Al Wolfino Scarfy

Wolfy is a young wolf with a passion for gold bars who grew up in the mountains. On his very first visit to the city, he discovers the world of banking. Amazed by this discovery and driven by a new vocation, he decides to set out to conquer it. It took him only a few years to reach the top of the financial world. Starting from nothing, his empire has become immeasurable. Wolfy is a proven business-wolf, a symbol of capitalism and success, but he hasn't forgotten where he came from. He grew up with values that he makes a point of respecting in all circumstances.

With this limited edition figurine, we pay homage to a great classic of gangster movies, "Scarface" by Brian De Palma and Oliver Stone. In its legendary final scene, on the last bastion of his failing empire, Al Pacino acting as Tony Montana, shoots his opponents with automatic weapons from the gallery of his sumptuous villa.

[SPOILER ALERT] In the end he is shot by an opponent and falls into the fountain in the great hall of his home, adorned with a statue bearing the inscription "The World is Yours". Nearly thirty years after its release, Scarface's power of fascination has remained intact. But above all, its influence has not ceased to grow, becoming, for video games as well as hip-hop culture, an unbeatable model.


Created and designed in Genève

Size: 22 cm
Circle pad: 14.5 cm 

• Hand-painted resin figurine
• Comes in a gift box
• Protected with foam

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