Wolfy | Classic Pose | Rolled Poster

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Wolfy | Classic Pose | Rolled Poster

Taken in by Lily while wandering in the forest in search of his parents, Wolfy was raised by her in the heart of the Swiss Alps. He grew up and spent his entire youth with Lily in the nature.

When he left the mountains to make his very first trip, he discovered the city and was amazed. Determined to conquer this new world, he quickly understood how to achieve his goals and entered the banking world.

A few years later, the young Wolfy has become a pure symbol of capitalism and he is now the mascot of the Swiss bankers. A symbol of capitalism and success, he is the ultimate self-made wolf, living and embodying the Swiss Dream. Although his empire is immeasurable, there is no chance of finding him on the World’s Wealthiest Wolf List: he is far too wealthy to deign to appear there!

Despite his overwhelming success, he has not forgotten where he came from. The business world has not turned his head. He grew up with values that he makes a point of respecting in all circumstances. His youth with Lily in the mountains is still very dear to his heart

A proven business-wolf, Wolfy has a consuming passion for gold bars. This fever often takes him around the world in search of mythical gold bullions that legends say are hidden in the most inaccessible places in the world.

Detailed Features:

• 170g Matte Paper
• H:59 cm / W: 42 cm (A2)

• Rolled poster, comes in a carton tube
• Designed by Bäreiz Studios | Genève

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