Simplon Pass | Decorative Retro Sign

39 CHF

Simplon Pass

One of the rare mountain passes at over 2000m above sea level which is open in middle of winter, often bordered by high walls of snow. The long and smooth road rises imperceptibly through a succession of tunnels, covered galleries and large bridges.

In 1801, during the construction of the Simplon road, Napoleon ordered the establishment of a hospice at the top of the pass, which could also serve as a barracks.

Today, the renovated and modernized building is open all year and can accommodate up to 130 people. The artwork is a nod to the movie Grand Budapest Hotel by Wes Anderson.


Detailed Features: 

Decorative Metal Sign with anti-UV Varnish

H:40 cm / W: 26 cm 

Designed by Atelier WOCS | Genève 

About the Atelier

Deeply rooted in Geneva, the Atelier WOCS continues the tradition of Swiss poster artistry and waltzes with the greatest classics of Swiss tourism mythology, bringing a unique touch of vintage modernity. Faithful to tradition, the Atelier’s visual universe catches the eye with a serene yet equivocal atmosphere that arises from each of its representations, giving free rein to imagination.

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