Muh | The Little Crazy Cow

49 CHF

Muh | The Little Crazy Cow

Muh is a little rebellious cow who likes to have fun, to roam in nature and to ring her bell. She loves to cuddle and everything that is fun. She almost never gets separated from her friend Moo, because when she's not around, Muh gets bored. If you take her with you on your way to school, she will make you laugh! Muh will never let you down: she will be faithful to you as she is faithful to Moo.

The magic is in the details...

• Embroidered details
Soft feel
• Created by Bäreiz Studios

The bare necessities

• 24cm approx
• Made from Velboa Fabric
• 100% PP Cotton
• Hand wash only
• Suitable from 3 years old

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