Switzerland | Family | Decorative Retro Sign

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Switzerland | Family

The Bäreiz family welcomes you to Switzerland! Lily the Edelweiss girl, Wolfy the banker, Barry the St.Bernard, Charlotte the marmot, Muh&Moo the two inseparable cows, Werner the Swiss craftsman and Berny the king of Switzerland are the eight ambassadors of our country. Dive into the magical world of the Bäreiz family, full of adventures, surprises and emotions to share. By following their stories, you will discover many facets of Switzerland, from the most well-known to the most mysterious. Let yourself be carried away and prepare for an extraordinary journey!


Detailed Features: 

Decorative Metal Sign with anti-UV Varnish

H:40 cm / W: 26 cm 

Designed by Bäreiz Studios | Genève


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