Barry | The St Bernard | Decorative Retro Sign

39 CHF

Barry | The St Bernard

Two hundred years ago, this famous St. Bernard would have rescued 40 people lost in a huge snowstorm. The schnapps contained in the barrel he always wears around his neck has already warmed many mountain people in trouble.

But today, he has aged. He has been replaced by German shepherds, more efficient and faster than him. Upset, Barry decided to retire. Since then, he has put on a lot of weight and often consumes the alcohol from his barrel himself...

When there is really no other choice left, he is still called in to help with a rescue. The problem? He is now the one who often triggers the avalanches!


Detailed Features:

 Decorative Metal Sign with anti-UV Varnish

 H:40 cm / W: 26 cm

 Designed by Bäreiz Studios | Genève

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