Lily | The Edelweiss Girl | Decorative Retro Sign

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Lily | The Edelweiss Girl 

Lily was born in a small isolated house, surrounded by the most beautiful mountains of the country. She is gifted with great curiosity an she is always wearing an edelweiss in her hair.. Her thirst for discovery pushes her to go on adventures and explore all the corners of the country

She grew up and spent her entire childhood surrounded by nature and is friends with all the animals. Thanks to them, she knows almost all the secrets of the mountain.

One day, during a violent storm as she was running through a forest on her way home, she came across a little wolf cub lost in the forest. He was shivering and seemed totally abandoned. Touched, she decides to take him in and raise him in her little house, giving him all the love he would have missed.

Don't be fooled by her dreamy and carefree air. Lily is a go-getter who is not easily intimidated and intends to lead her life as she sees fit. Clever and determined, she is always looking for mysteries to solve.


Detailed Features: 

Decorative Metal Sign with anti-UV Varnish

H:40 cm / W: 26 cm 

Designed by Bäreiz Studios | Genève 


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