Lausanne | Zeppelin | Decorative Retro Sign

39 CHF

Lausanne | Zeppelin | Ville olympique

Lausanne, the second largest city by the lake, was built on three hills in a vineyard setting, with Lake Geneva at its feet. Olympic capital since 1914, Lausanne writes sports and culture in golden letters. This university town is renowned for its lively nightlife and trendy urban culture, with its re-invented lakeside warehouses in neighborhoods such as Ouchy and Flon.

The artwork tells an anecdote dating back to the beginning of the 30's when the famous Graf Zeppelin airship arrived in Lausanne over the first religious monument of the canton of Vaud: the Cathedral of Lausanne. This building boosts a remarkable architecture, marked within many masterpieces of the European artistic legacy.

The Zeppelin, a symbol of high technology at the time, gathered several thousands people on its return to the Cointrin aerodrome. A 237 meters long airship, with a speed of almost 100 km/h, the Graf Zeppelin made its inaugural flight in September 1928. Until its withdrawal in 1937, it traveled almost 1'700'000 km in 17 000 hours of flight, made a world tour and 136 crossings of the Atlantic ocean. Enough to make any adventurer of modern times feel nostalgic!


Detailed Features:

Decorative Metal Sign with anti-UV Varnish
H:40 cm / W: 26 cm
Designed by Atelier WOCS | Genève

About the Atelier

Deeply rooted in Geneva, the Atelier WOCS continues the tradition of Swiss poster artistry and waltzes with the greatest classics of Swiss tourism mythology, bringing a unique touch of vintage modernity. Faithful to tradition, the Atelier’s visual universe catches the eye with a serene yet equivocal atmosphere that arises from each of its representations, giving free rein to imagination.

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