Lily | The girl from the Alps | Resin Art Toy

79 CHF

Lily | Resin Figurine | Classic Collection

Born in the Alps, Lily is a Swiss girl endowed with great curiosity who's always wearing an edelweiss. Her thirst for discovery pushes her to go on adventures and to explore all the corners of the country.

She grew up and spent her entire childhood surrounded with animals, with whom she eventually befriended. Thanks to them, she knows almost all the secrets of the mountain.

Don't be fooled by her dreamy and carefree air. Lily is a go-getter who is not easily impressed and intends to lead her life as she sees fit. Clever and determined, she is always looking for mysteries to solve.



Created and designed in Genève

Size: 17cm
Circle pad: 7.5cm 

• Hand-painted resin figurine
• Comes in a gift box
• Protected with foam

[Please note that our 3D render resin figurine pictures may differ slightly from your actual product.]

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