Charlotte | The Alpine Marmot | Resin Art Toy

59 CHF

Charlotte | Resin Figurine | Classic Collection

Charlotte the Marmot lives in the Swiss Alps and spends her time sleeping, even in summer, while her friends run and whistle across the mountains.

When she is a little more awake than usual, she loves to seek out scenic spots to unfold her hammock and take a little nap. Sometimes she falls asleep in the middle of an activity, without even noticing it! One says that she has already been seen snoring in a fondue pot, dozing off while skiing or falling asleep in the process of packing chocolate in aluminium.

Charlotte is very intrigued by what changes in her environment, so much so that she can't help but follow intruders at a distance, helped by her exceptional sense of smell. She has also a hard time resisting the urge to pilfer, but often gets caught red-handed when she falls asleep at the scene of her crime...


Created and designed in Genève

Size: 14cm
Circle pad: 7.5cm 

• Hand-painted resin figurine
• Comes in a gift box
• Protected with foam

[Please note that our 3D render resin figurine pictures may differ slightly from your actual product.]

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