Charlotte | La Naissance | Limited Edition | 12 signed art prints

600 CHF

Barry | La Naissance | Blue | Artwork

Artist: Bäreiz Studios

Edition: Limited to 12 signed art prints

Size: 36 x 36 cm

Charlotte the Marmot lives in the Swiss Alps. She spends her time sleeping, even in summer, while her friends run and whistle across the mountains. When she is a little more awake than usual, she loves to seek out scenic spots to unfold her hammock and take a little nap while enjoying the landscape. Sometimes she goes down to the valley to find new activities. But even when she is having fun, she sometimes falls asleep without even realizing it! She has been known to snore in a fondue pot, to nod off while skiing, or to fall asleep while wrapping chocolate in foil.

Charlotte is very intrigued by what changes in her environment. As soon as she comes across something unusual to her, she is captivated to the point of becoming fixated on it. Although she is rather shy, she is unable to resist following people she doesn't know! For her, nothing is easier than following a trail. Sometimes she falls asleep while pursuing her goal, but it doesn’t matter, because her exceptional flair puts her back on the right track.

Charlotte has a hard time stopping herself from pilfering when she comes across something she is interested in. Unfortunately for her, she is often caught red-handed when she falls asleep at the scene of her crime...


Technique: Bäreiz Studios artworks are produced by a remarkable process that yields the finest quality graphic reproductions available today. The Giclée prints are fine art prints that will last up to 100 years with proper handling and protection from direct sunlight. Our prints are created with archival fade resistant pigmented inks. They have a wider color gamut, deeper saturated colors, impossible to achieve in ordinary lithographic or serigraphic printing processes. These museum-quality prints allow to reproduce original colors with stunning fidelity.

Archival paper: Our Hahnemühle 308 gsm archival paper meets the highest standards for fine art applications and is perfect for special editions. It achieves outstanding printing results and a high age resistance of over 100 years. It comply with the ISO 9706 norm, standard criteria for international museums and galleries. Specially manufactured natural wool felts give the artworks their unique surface texture, providing a three-dimensionality that enhances the visual effect thanks to an incredible depth.

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