Berny | The Artist Bernese Bear | Resin Art Toy

59 CHF

Berny | Resin Figurine | Classic Collection

A symbol of Bern, the capital of Switzerland, Berny is the king of the country. He himself is not quite sure why. Wherever he is, he wonders why he has come, and what exactly his role is.

No need to invite him: no one knows how, but he is always there, from the summit between heads of state to the stilted opening of a contemporary art exhibition at Art Basel.

Imposing but calm and level-headed in all circumstances, he does not like things to change too quickly. He always seems a bit bewildered, but be careful: when he is pushed to the limit, an unexpected claw is not excluded.


Created and designed in Genève

Size: 12cm
Circle pad: 7.5cm 

• Hand-painted resin figurine
• Comes in a gift box
• Protected with foam

[Please note that our 3D render resin figurine pictures may differ slightly from your actual product.]

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