Lily was born in a small isolated house, surrounded by the most beautiful mountains of the country. She is gifted with great curiosity an she is always wearing an edelweiss in her hair.. Her thirst for discovery pushes her to go on adventures and explore all the corners of the country

She grew up and spent her entire childhood surrounded by nature and is friends with all the animals. Thanks to them, she knows almost all the secrets of the mountain.

One day, during a violent storm as she was running through a forest on her way home, she came across a little wolf cub lost in the forest. He was shivering and seemed totally abandoned. Touched, she decides to take him in and raise him in her little house, giving him all the love he would have missed.

Don't be fooled by her dreamy and carefree air. Lily is a go-getter who is not easily intimidated and intends to lead her life as she sees fit. Clever and determined, she is always looking for mysteries to solve.


Taken in by Lily while wandering in the forest in search of his parents, Wolfy was raised by her in the heart of the Swiss Alps. He grew up and spent his entire youth with Lily in the nature.

When he left the mountains to make his very first trip, he discovered the city and was amazed. Determined to conquer this new world, he quickly understood how to achieve his goals and entered the banking world.

A few years later, the young Wolfy has become a pure symbol of capitalism and he is now the mascot of the Swiss bankers. A symbol of capitalism and success, he is the ultimate self-made wolf, living and embodying the Swiss Dream. Although his empire is immeasurable, there is no chance of finding him on the World’s Wealthiest Wolf List: he is far too wealthy to deign to appear there!

Despite his overwhelming success, he has not forgotten where he came from. The business world has not turned his head. He grew up with values that he makes a point of respecting in all circumstances. His youth with Lily in the mountains is still very dear to his heart

A proven business-wolf, Wolfy has a consuming passion for gold bars. This fever often takes him around the world in search of mythical gold bullions that legends say are hidden in the most inaccessible places in the world.


Two hundred years ago, this famous St. Bernard would have rescued 40 people lost in a huge snowstorm. The schnapps contained in the barrel he always wears around his neck has already warmed many mountain people in trouble. But today, he has aged. He has been replaced by German shepherds, more efficient and faster than him. Upset, Barry decided to retire. Since then, he has put on a lot of weight and often consumes the alcohol from his barrel himself... When there is really no other choice left, he is still called in to help with a rescue. The problem? He is now the one who often triggers the avalanches!

When there is really no other choice left, he still gets called in to help with a rescue. The problem? He is now the one who often triggers the avalanches! However, there is one quality he has not lost: he loves to help people deeply and will do the impossible to make himself useful, even if the result is not always as expected.

Nowadays, almost everyone forgot about Barry. Most travelers pass around him without even suspecting that behind this good old debonair St. Bernard hides a hero whose strength was almost supernatural. Who knows? it would only take a spark to awaken the potential and the glorious heritage that still lies within him...

A symbol of Bern, the capital of Switzerland, Berny is the king of the country. He himself is not quite sure why. Wherever he is, he wonders why he has come, and what exactly his role is. Imposing but calm and level-headed in all circumstances, he does not like things to change too quickly. He always seems a bit bewildered, but be careful: when he is pushed to the limit, an unexpected swipe of his claw is not excluded.

Berny spent his youth locked up in a small round pit, seeing hundreds of onlookers come and go week after week to watch him. One day, he had enough and decided to leave. Climbing easily over the walls of his prison, he found himself in the street, walked straight up to the Federal Palace, climbed all the big steps, put on a little crown and decided to rule the country.


Charlotte the Marmot lives in the Swiss Alps. She spends her time sleeping, even in summer, while her friends run and whistle across the mountains. When she is a little more awake than usual, she loves to seek out scenic spots to unfold her hammock and take a little nap while enjoying the landscape. Sometimes she goes down to the valley to find new activities. But even when she is having fun, she sometimes falls asleep without even realizing it! She has been known to snore in a fondue pot, to nod off while skiing, or to fall asleep while wrapping chocolate in foil.

Charlotte is very intrigued by what changes in her environment. As soon as she comes across something unusual to her, she is captivated to the point of becoming fixated on it. Although she is rather shy, she is unable to resist following people she doesn't know! For her, nothing is easier than following a trail. Sometimes she falls asleep while pursuing her goal, but it doesn’t matter, because her exceptional flair puts her back on the right track.

Charlotte has a hard time stopping herself from pilfering when she comes across something she is interested in. Unfortunately for her, she is often caught red-handed when she falls asleep at the scene of her crime...


This resourceful boy is a fervent defender of Swiss agriculture and crafts. His wealth is anything but material: he earns it with the sweat of his brow. He is an outstanding handyman who knows how to take care of himself. Whenever he has a problem, he gets out his toolkit and makes objects that help him in his daily life.

A hard worker, he contributes to Swiss excellence with his meticulous work in making cuckoo clocks and preparing chocolate for the country's top brands. When he is not on his farm, he can be found on a mountain pasture, blowing his own instrument, the alphorn. He doesn't mind playing alone, but when visitors dare to approach him, he likes to show them the secrets of Swiss heritage.

Werner has come to terms with his solitude and the peaceful passing of days. But deep inside of him there is a growing need that he still struggles to accept: the need to go on the road in search of an artifact that sometimes appears to him in his dreams and that could change his destiny.



These two cow friends are inseparable. One is a little bit crazy, the other a little bit more serious. So it's often Muh who pushes Moo out of her comfort zone, but she doesn't regret it! Always cheerful and very outgoing, these two friends have grazed the grass of almost every meadow in the country and know the mountains like the back of their hand. Winter and summer alike, they roam the country's alpine pastures in search of fun experiences, laughing at convenances. It's better not to ask them for directions: they will be happy to send the walkers in the wrong direction! The shepherds have long since given up using their milk: all that running around and playing with the electrified fences makes it turn into butter when it comes out of their udder!

Muh and Moo come running to Werner's farm when he plays the alphorn, letting their hair down as the air comes out of the instrument. They love to tiptoe up to Charlotte to wake her up with their bells, and they tease Barry relentlessly by trying to steal his barrel of schnapps.