Werner | The ''Artisan des Alpes''

49 CHF

Werner | The ''Artisan des Alpes''

When you need support, Werner, this resourceful and hardworking boy is there! As soon as he’s confronted to a problem, he invents an object that helps him overcome all challenges! He once wanted to chat with his friends across the mountain, so he invented a great instrument: the alphorn! Since then, he has awakened the whole valley by blowing in it. He is also the inventor of Swiss watches, Swiss chocolate and even Swiss Fondue! Werner is a faithful friend, he will teach you endless exciting things and he is always ready to go on adventures!

The magic is in the details...

• Embroidered details
• Fluffy hair
• Created by Bäreiz Studios

The bare necessities

• 27cm approx
• Made from Velboa Fabric
• 100% PP Cotton
• Hand wash only
• Suitable from 3 years old

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